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Our heads are not always the best place to store and retrieve things. We need to keep stuff out of our heads and into our own trusted systems.

This could be as simple as paper and pen, right through to a selected variety of digital tools. Creating an efficient personal workflow enables us to be more effective and less stressed. It gives us more clarity about our work, more focus, and saves us time and energy.

This practical session follows on from the Get Stuff Done Workshop. It gives you the opportunity to begin to develop and improve your own personal workflow process and systems.

Duration: 3 Hours

Session Content:

  • Setting up your own to-do lists and categories in digital or paper format

  • Implement effective “inboxes” to capture thoughts and to-dos

  • Breaking down projects into very next “actions” and potential “actions”

  • Unsticking projects to get them moving

  • Creating checklists for your weekly review

  • Creating effective reminders, so things don’t fall through the cracks

  • Using calendars effectively

  • Storing reference and support materials