I took this great idea called NOW from Derek Sivers . This page gives you a peek into my world, and also aids both my focus and accountability.

Here's what i'm up to at the moment (Updated 30th April 2019)

Productivity work
Rolling out and delivering the Productive Hero Academy to new and existing clients.
Running some 1-1 “personal workflow” coaching sessions to assist in improving the Build your 2nd Brain workshop.

Pentland Training
Working on a unique way to get people up to speed and fully utilising the Microsoft Office 365 apps

My Productivity
Getting to grips with Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) and building my second brain

My 6 year old daughter is about to do her SAT tests (yes, i know that’s ridiculous), so we are making the learning process fun for us both.

Reading the Self Worth Safari by John Niland. I’m tuning into those inner voices.