Outsmart your Smartphone

Most of us love our smartphones, and guess what? They love us too! In fact, they love us so much that they like to grab our attention a little too often, causing all sorts of problems with productivity and concentration – let alone driving our loved ones mad.

In this short, light-hearted interactive session, we’ll be looking at the unusual and unprecedented relationship the modern world has with our smartphones. We’ll also be sharing insights to get you thinking about your smartphone use, along with some simple tactics for taming your device.

Duration: 45 minutes

Session Content:

  • Don’t Tell Apple or Android!
  • Your Favourite Pet?
  • Goodbye Email
  • Beware of the Dancing Panda
  • Who’s the Master?
  •  Rabbit Holes
  • Creating Hurdles
  • Time Block Thinking
  • Free Your Head
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Brilliant, I never realised my smartphone sapped so much of my precious time. Really great workshop.
— Course delegate