Hi I’m Jamie Squires.


Father of one, lover of 80s films, and head honcho at Pentland Training – and I’m on a mission helping people in organisations such as AstraZeneca, JD Sports, and Siemens, be more productive, and less stressed. What follows is my story.

Chapter One: Stand By Me


Back in high school, I was diagnosed with M.E. At the time, I was a fit and healthy athlete with a pretty good brain to boot. With M.E., that all changed overnight, and I found myself lethargic and unable to focus on my work.

Not one to back down from a challenge, over the years I began to explore, learn about, and implement new methods of working and living. These new insights helped to keep stress down, energy up, and enabled me to get stuff done and enjoy life like I had before.

Chapter Two: The NeverEnding Story

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Nearly 30 years on, the results of my ongoing findings are something I’m eager to share with everyone. I visit organisations, teaching groups the tools and techniques they can use to cut through the clutter of work and life. Ultimately, this enables them to do what I did: to focus on the big stuff.

Chapter Three: Time Bandits

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Workshops and sessions are deliberately kept short and delivered on-site – enabling people to make time to attend, and then to transform their thinking and processes as soon as they leave.

To find out more and to get involved in the next chapter of you and your organisation’s own productivity story, I invite you to explore the website, or to get in touch with me directly.

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