In this lively three hour workshop, you’ll learn how to achieve more in your day, whilst also reducing the amount of stress you face.

You’ll achieve this by learning a powerful tried and tested personal productivity process, that you’ll be implementing right here during the session, on your own stuff! 

This practical session will aid efficiency and effectiveness in every aspect of your life – not just in your work day!

Duration: 3 Hours

Session Content:

  • How to change being busy into being productive
  • The importance of separating the ‘organising’ and the ‘doing’ of our tasks
  • Understanding the need for, and power of, a second brain
  • Implementing a simple productivity process to help you get your projects and tasks done
  • Learn how both traditional pen and paper, and state of the art electronic tools, can help us to stay in control of our lives
  • Understanding behind why we all have a problem with time
  • Why it’s our attention that we need to focus on, and how we can use it to our advantage
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This workshop has really made a difference to my quality of life. It’s given me a healthy reminder about productive behaviours, but also added tools and techniques for making the most of my time whilst reducing my stress levels.

I am now happy that I am concentrating on activities that make a difference and are important, rather than drowning in reactive small stuff on a daily basis. It was fun and immediately applicable. Result - Peace of mind!
— Sue Clarke