Rest for Success

We are constantly ON, never OFF. We are always DOING, never BEING. Always CONSUMING, rarely THINKING. Always say YES, struggle to say NO.  Is it just me who sees this, or have you seen it too?

In this global marketplace, we want to get more and more productivity out of less and less people. This increasing hold on our time and attention, means something has to give way. And that thing is REST.

In this light-hearted session, we explore why ignoring rest might be counterproductive, not only for the wellbeing of you the individual, but for the flourishing of the organisation too.

Duration: 45 minutes

Session Content:

  • Just a few of our unproductive stressful habits
  • Why rest is work’s partner
  • The positives of rest to your work and life
  • Rest and creativity
  • 4 minutes to change your life
  • Flip your thinking – Deliberate Rest is your secret weapon